Castle Auto Group - The 08 Solara I bought is awfully designed compared to my 02 model

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

A guy with a big pick-up hit me sideways and totaled my 02 Solara. I loved that car. So I went to

Castle in Baltimore and got an 08..same model.

It's design stinks compared to my old Solara.

I am 6 ft. tall and can't even see the front end of my new car as I drive. My old car was sleek and, at the time, a new design. The car I have now, the red red Solara is much higher and less sleek looking.

It looks cheap.

I smoke. This Solara has no smoking conveniences.

With 4500 miles on it in almost 11 months, I think

the red is way too red.

If my insurance company had given me more time

to purchase a car, I definitely would have gone to

a Honda dealership. Look at the 2002 and compare the styling to the 2008 model.

I'm looking to sell my present car for a good deal.

I really hate driving a Tall car. I wanted a sporty look like the 02. What are your designers thinking?

Review about: Toyota Solara.



you bought the car without looking.your fault not toyotas.

most cars no longer have smoking it kills you.the insurance company does not give deadlines when buying a replacement car, they give you a check.

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